Surface cleaning

If the facade of your building is covered with a greyish-white bloom, then it’s time to clean it from efflorescence. Do not wait until the salt deposits begin to destroy the facade and spoil its appearance. If you do not remove the efflorescence on time, especially from the brickwork, then the destruction of the walls of the facade is inevitable, and since it begins with small cracks in the form of hairs, it is very difficult to notice. It is much cheaper to remove the effluents from the walls in time than to repair the entire facade of the building prematurely. The A90 Construction company provides services for the cleaning of efflorescence from the surface of the walls of multi-storey residential, office buildings, cottages, hotels, private houses, shops and shopping centres. Our specialists will quickly and efficiently wash out efflorescence from the facade of any type. If you need to wash the facade completely, we will also do this work.