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There are not so many building companies with a great reputation with the experience and needed skills. We are one such company. We’ve been successfully aiding in constructing high-quality buildings for more than a decade. We offer quality but speedy services. Upon founding the our company, it has become a favoured and most preferred contractors in Dagenham, London, Essex. We provide amazing quality services and we make sure that all dreams of our clients come true. With our experience, exceptional skills in construction, and a unique approach, we can accomplish any type of construction job needed. Our company has become a synonym to such words as efficiency, professionalism, and quality. We are looking forward to accomplishing the job within a short period. But even though we work fast, we offer only high-quality services. It is our job to make sure that the work is done properly, quickly and efficiently. Our key feature is to listen to our clients and do the work perfectly due to all technical requirements.

Building Restoration Service

It is a well-known fact that everything has its lifetime. Some buildings or parts of buildings need to be restored or even replaced after a certain period. House or building restoration should be done by professionals so they will work due to all technical and safety requirements.

House Extension Building Services

There are different construction companies in Dagenham, London, but only A90 Construction Ltd will make sure your desired home will become a reality. Some houses are too small to make people living in them happily. So there is a modern way out of such a situation – building extensions.

Project Management Service

Our company is 100% capable of creating a great project from scratch. We combine your ideas of a perfect home with our knowledge and great construction skills. As a result, our architects create projects that meet your conditions and the implementation of the project is of the best possible quality.

A90Construction company

Our History

Our company is relatively new if you compare its history with the history of other building companies in Dagenham, London, Essex or overall in Dagenham. It has been founded 15 years ago but it already has a great reputation. We are proud to announce that our work is always of high quality. That is why we choose only the best materials, we examine the house with great caution to so that the repair will last for years without creating discomfort.
A90Construction Ltd is in the building market since 2006 and since that time we have expanded our client base. We’ve shown our capability of developing interesting designs and solving different problems. A90Construction Ltd is known for paying attention to every small detail. We make sure our clients are satisfied with our job.
We offer different types of jobs to different clients. For example, we can be involved in repairing historic buildings, as well as working on smaller domestic projects, like constructing house extensions in Dagenham, London, Essex or developing and working on individual projects.
A90 Construction Ltd is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


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