One of the most frequently ordered services in our company are works on plastering of the facade of a building. As is known, plaster is intended not only to level the walls and make the building look aesthetic, but also to perform a protective function (from moisture and fire, corrosive environments) and improve the sound and thermal insulation properties of the facade of a house. The quality of the finishing of the facade of the building with plaster also determines how long your facade does not need repair. Plastering of the facade of the building is a crucial process, since any incorrectly applied smear can negatively affect the quality of the coating, and if the walls of the facade are not well prepared for applying plaster, then after a short period of time all the flaws will be visible to the naked eye. Add to this decorative facade work, for example, painting, which is made after facing the facade of the house with plaster, and now there is a need for redecoration. What is very costly in time and money. That is why high-quality plastering of facades, including those at a height, is a task that only a team of professionals can cope with the skills of the industrial mountaineering method.